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Financial Services for Artists and Organizations in the Creative Community

I am a registered tax preparer and experienced bookkeeper dedicated to providing affordable financial services to individuals, artists and very small businesses and partnerships, primarily but not exclusively in the creative community. 


Tax Prep. I have a deep understanding of the complexities of tax preparation for artists and other individuals with 1099 income, rental income, and business deductions. I strive to provide personalized service delivered with compassion and high standards. I also collaborate with a collective of artists who prepare tax returns and serve as resources for each other and their clients. In addition to preparing tax returns for individuals, I can also prepare returns for partnerships, S-Corps, and small nonprofit organizations. I have experience working with international clients - both non-residents and expats - and I speak Spanish.

Bookkeeping. As a bookkeeper, I work with individuals, artists, and very small businesses or partnerships, both nonprofit and for-profit. I work closely with my clients to ensure accuracy and consistency in their financial record-keeping.  

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